An Interesting Factoid on Death

Since we are constantly talking about the grim fact of death and suicide on this website, I figured we should take a more lighthearted turn for a moment.  To pull this off successfully, I

Substance Abuse and Overdose Suicide

The saddest part of suicide is that which is accidental.  The consequences are the same either way and irreversible.  Dead is dead.  This happens most often with those people struggling with the epidemic that

Schizophrenia and Suicide Rates

Schizophrenia is a horrible mental illness in all of it’s levels of acuity but definitely in it’s most severe form.  It can completely disable a person, pulling them out of society and interpersonal relationships,

Major MA Newspapers Say: ‘Vote NO on Question 2′

Our campaign is full steam ahead and with your help, we are spreading the message that Question 2 is critically flawed. Over the last three weeks, six major newspapers across Massachusetts have endorsed a

Letter to the Editor: Elizabeth Quigley

On October 17th, Elizabeth Quigley of Chelmsford, wrote a letter to the editor of the Lowell Sun highlighting what she sees as flaws in Question 2. In her letter to the editor, Ms. Quigley

Salem News: Vote NO on Question 2

On October 24th, the Salem News published an editorial endorsing a NO vote on Question 2 on November 6th. The Salem News writes that on the surface this question might be reasonable but says,