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Sign our petition against Physician-Assisted Suicide ballot question and share your thoughts! Now is the chance to defeat this ballot question before it becomes law!

I will be voting “No” on Question 2, against Physician Assisted Suicide, on November 6th, 2012. I will stand with the doctors, nurses and hospice workers who are committed to enhancing patients’ quality of life and administering the best care possible.

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The only way we will prevent Question 2 from becoming the law of the state is by spreading the word and turning out to vote in November. Tell your friends and family that this proposed ballot question is poorly written, confusing, and flawed — or you can use your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media account. Mention it in conversation. Send emails about it to your friends and family. When you spread the word, be sure to mention:

  • Many doctors, nurses, and hospice workers oppose the proposed law as written.
  • There is no required psychiatric review — a profound shortcoming of the existing law. Mental health diagnosis and support is a crucial element of end-of-life care.
  • A prognosis of 6 months or less to live is just a guess.
  • The ballot proposition process is not the way to set new policy on end-of-life decisions. This issue should be debated inside the legislature with the guidance and counsel from health care experts.


We have taken down the email form due to the high level of spamming, however you can still contact us for all of the above reasons or any other by sending us an email to